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including struggles and history

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Report to the Yorkshire Area MUN. Martin was advisor to the Greenwich Police Committee.
Both authors are NAGLO members.
Includes: Context, the Operation inc Dartford Tunnel incident and phone tapping, The Consequences
68 Pages

A Sheffield Police Watch report.
Includes: roadblock monitoring, Policing at the picket lines, the media,
Appendix report from Police Watch.
16 Pages

Detailed events of the South Hall Riots and the use of the SPG

Introduction by Peter Hain.
Saturday 21st April - A day of 'bitter confrontation between the police and anti-fascist demonstrators. Background to the events in the context of a growth in fascism in Leicester and the country.
16 Pages

Douglass was an MUN delegate from Doncaster where police ran through people's houses to terrify families.
This pamphlet has been published by the author, and the Doncaster Cambride South London DAMIWA groups, and Canary Press. The British section of…

Started with the death of Cynthia Jarrett after a police raid who were wrongly searching for her son.
Chapters: Broadwater Farm, the borough, the buildings, the council services, relations with the police, the events of Oct 1985, the future.

Civil liberties and the convoy of travellers.
includes letters from Whiltshire Police.
44 Pages

Inside: Controlling Protests, Banning Marches, Trespassers to be Prosectured, Planning Protests what to do, equipment of the polilce.
Observing the police - how to identify where the constables are from, how to read their badges
Relation: P22-419,…

"The GLC believes when the proposed new powers are placed along side the 1984 Police and Criminal Evidence Act, and the increased militarisation and centralisation of police practices, the public order poses a dangerous threat to civil liberties and…

Police Monitoring Research Group of London Stratigic Policing Unit. Briefing Paper 3.
News International choice to move to Wapping without consulting Unions.
Chronology of the dispute.

The Greater London Council response to the White Paper Review of the Public Order Law.
Includes the White paper proposals for marches and processions, and banning orders. Posing conditions on marches and incitement to racial hatred
44 Pages

Police Monitoring Research Group of London Stratigic Policing Unit
Post GLC Policing Unit.
Possible author: Nadine Finch
Chapters: Militarisation, Plastic Bullets, Use of Firearms, Surveillance, Miscarriages of Justice
62 Pages

10 Pages
Chapters: Saltley Gates - first Miners strike, third force - Special Patrol Group, 81 uprisings, National reporting centre,

A report by NCCL.
Industrial dispute, which began in late january, on the local residents of Wapping. Based on statements from 55 residents, observation on the streets of the policing methods and of residents protest meetings and marches, the report…

National Liberal Club, 24 March 1983
The 80 club - In 1880 a grey committee transformed into a speakers club.
12 Pages

Cobden Trust Working Paper No. 1
Hands off point of view on police accountability during the period of the miners strike. Ethereal.

National council for civil liberties.
Interim report on the strike, and an appeal for written evidence on policing the strikes.
Chapters: Need for the inquiry, Civil Liberties issues raised by the dispute, impact of dispute on non mining areas

The problems of the introduction of sophisticated weapons in the control of civil disorder in Britain.
Chapter: New Weapons, When is a weapon harmless?, Testing for harmlessness, Social and Political Context, Policing in Britain, Control of Police…

Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Wolfson College Oxford: Working Paper 2
Critique of the 'Law's Objectivity'.
Cites Tony Bunyan.

Chapters: History of the Public Order in Britain,
Arc Print was an Animal Rights organisation.
38 Pages
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