September 2020

28 September: Tony retired as Director of Statewatch  and became  Director Emeritus: See Tony's personal statement after  30 years and the future:

At an event marking the occassion Jenny Bourne of the Institute of Relations commented:

"State Research/Statewatch and the Institute of Race Relations & Race & Class grew up together – out of the questioning, challenging terrain of the early 1970s. They were like cousins, meeting at weddings and funerals ie supporting one another’s events, thinking and development, each with their own focus and family following but both conscious of the encroaching and dehumanising power of the state. Under their respective uncles, Tony and Siva, grew an enduring important political link between two key unorthodox organisations – the one informing the other – but always inflected by friendship and an unspoken radical vision. Tony’s massive contribution to statewatching in the UK and across Europe – for years on his own – deserves the hugest of celebrations."

1. This week we completed uploading the first 1,000 items. Now for the next thousand!

2. Latest additions include:The police against the people by Tony Bunyan, Institute of Race Relations, 1981, filed in Special Collections.

Written after the uprisings in over thirty cities across the UK.

3. Crime: Its  Causes and Consequencies, by John Keracher. A Marxian interpretation of the caause  of crime, printed in USA, in 1937.  It concludes: "Crime will go when capitalism goes, Speed the day."

4. Tony Bunyan: My brush with the D-Notice Committee - Committee concerned that book "might wander unwittingly into areas of sensitivity from a security point of view" and how a Special Branch officer tried to visit my parents.